The Red Syndrome


Dan Gordon is investigating what appears to be a routine money-laundering scheme involving the Russian Mafia and strange looking communications with a New York bank, crime breeds strange mutations this time with an extremist Islamic group with hatred toward the United States. Their hatred takes a ominous direction when they plot to unleash a bio weapon on the U.S. Dan participates in a clever joint operation of CIA and Mossad to defeat the terrorist group, but is there a mole that could risk it all? Dan’s adventures during his hunt features murder, coded messages, kidnapping, breathtaking desert chases, and betrayals along the way. With fast-paced action on three continents, good guys may not always have the upper hand. The problem is figuring out who is good and who is bad. This insider intelligence thriller rivets the reader through its surprising end.

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Praise for The Red Syndrome

“By combining keen knowledge of the real-world situation, gained by his personal experience, with a vivid imagination, Haggai Carmon manages to draw the reader’s attention to the real risks our modern society faces. …..What is remarkable is that it does so while telling a damn good story I couldn’t stop reading.”
– Ephraim Sneh, M.D. (Brigadier General, (Ret.), Member of Israeli Knesset, former Deputy Minister of Defense and former Minister of Health. )
“Dan Gordon, the former Mossad agent now working with the U.S. Department of Justice, returns in this altogether superior sequel to the author’s first novel, Triple Identity (2005)…tight and fluidly written….The Israeli-born Carmon, who (like Gordon) works with the Justice Department, obviously knows whereof he writes.”
– Booklist
“I find his book fascinating and as close to the truth as you could possibly do without infringing on confidentiality and issues of national security…The only complaint I have about this book is that [we had] only one copy [–]so I had a tug-of-war with (my wife) every night, she finished it first, but I finished it a day after, because when you start the book, you don’t want to keep it down, and read all through; it’s a fascinating story, and in the end, I cannot attest, and he can attest, whether it was true or not.”
– Daniel Ayalon, Ambassador of Israel to the United States
“…[E]xhilarating action across three continents that should keep readers on the edge of their chairs, right up to the book’s surprising conclusion. The timely tale is a terrific terror tome…”
Jewish Life
“[H]is books are very professional, I learned a lot from reading them, I think its unusual and unique to read first-hand account that are written in such an authentic way. And [Carmon is] an expert story teller as well, so I think they all come together beautifully.”
David Epstein, former Director, Office of Foreign Litigation, U.S. Department of Justice
“The novel is full of layers of espionage, betrayal, a touch of romance, blackmail, kidnapping, high-tech tools and quick thinking. The reader follows the case from Gordon’s point of view, sensing his suspicions, but Gordon stays out ahead of the reader….Carmon has mastered his genre well, creating an intriguing, suspenseful, smart plot that makes for timely and compelling summer reading.”
The Jewish Week (New York)
“This fantastic thriller will immerse you in the world of money laundering, off-shore bank accounts and mob connections to bio-terrorism.”
MLB News
“The Red Syndrome is an entertaining and swift thriller. Its style is solid and readable. The technical details are fascinating; Haggai Carmon knows International finance and he makes it interesting…. If you enjoy a thriller with plenty of action, exotic locations and a heap of technical information The Red Syndrome will do.”
Gravetapping Book Review

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There’ a war being fought, but it’s just below the surface and away from the media’s gaze. It’s the civilized world against the theocratic pariah state of Iran — a race to stop their development of a nuclear weapon. That’s where Dan Gordon, anIsraeli lawyerand former Mossad agent now contracted by the CIA, comes in. […]

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