• Triple Identity
    Foreword by a former top Mossad executive:
    "Seamless weaving of fact and fiction... riveting"

    Preface by a former general counsel of INTERPOL-U.S.:
    "[An] innovative and inventive mind...highly entertaining"
  • The Red Syndrome
    Foreword by former Israeli Deputy Defense Minister:
    "A damn good story...fictional but all too real"
  • The Chameleon Conspiracy
    Introduction by former top CIA operation officer:
    "I take my hat off to Haggai"
  • Triangle of Deception
    Introduction by former Director of Shin Bet, Israel's internal security service:
    "So vivid, so realistic...Haggai is a master of the tradecraft"
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In the murky worlds of international espionage and terrorism, multiple layers of secrecy, subterfuge and treachery are not the exception. They are the rule.Tasked with unraveling sinister plots devised by power-hungry rogue governments and manipulative terrorists of the worst kind, Dan Gordon faces constant threats to his own life. An Israeli Mossad veteran turned investigating attorney, Gordon operates worldwide for the CIA and the U.S. Department of Justice to hunt bad guys, foil their clandestine designs and bring them to justice – if he can…

The U.S. intelligence community has to respect Gordon’s track record, but he is no team player. An indefatigable lone wolf, Gordon is never safe from hostile moves even by those he should be able to trust. Little wonder that Gordon must watch his back from “friend” and foe alike. He must sleep with one eye open – Always.

Already Published in the Series
Triple Identity
Investigating attorney Dan Gordon untangles a deeply-camouflaged foreign money laundering operation…
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Triple Identity

The Red Syndrome
In this spy novel Dan Gordon investigates what only appears to be a routine money -laundering involving the…
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The Red Syndrome

The Chameleon Conspiracy
The third Dan Gordon Intelligence Thriller finds Gordon reporting to the CIA on a massive fraud that…
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The Chameleon Conspiracy

Triangle of Deception
In the fourth Dan Gordon intelligence thriller, Dan negotiates the international bureaucratic and web of a…
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Triangle of Deception

Defection Games
There’ a war being fought, but it’s just below the surface and away from the media’s gaze. It’s the civilized world…
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Defection Games

What Are Readers Saying?
Triple Identity
“Riveting, full of imagination, unusual characters
and fantastic events.”
–Shimon Peres, President of Israel“All of the intrigue and plot machinations you’d
expect from an author with professional ties to the
Department of Justice.”
–The Washington Post“A triple threat of excitement, realism, and
–A. Ganci on Amazon.com
The Red Syndrome
“Tight and fluidly written – .The Israeli-born
Carmon, who (like Gordon) works with the Justice
Department, obviously knows whereof he writes.”
–Booklist” – [E]xhilarating action across three continents that
should keep readers on the edge of their chairs,
right up to the book’s surprising conclusion. The
timely tale is a terrific terror tome – ”
–Jewish Life“Dan Gordon’s second novel is even more
engrossing than his first”
–Shoshana Simon on Amazon.com
The Chameleon Conspiracy
“[A] taut thriller – a fast-paced novel that never gets
bogged down.”
–Andrew Ian Dodge on Blogger News Network “[A] thriller that grabs the reader and holds him
captive for 365 pages.”
–Amos Lassen on Amazon.com“I can’t recommend The Chameleon Conspiracy
enough. Now I have to go find the other Dan
Gordon books by Carmon to catch up!”
–Brian Fitzpatrick on BC Books
Triangle of Deception
“This story takes more twists and turns than a boa
constrictor wrapping around its prey…a page turner
that will keep you pinned to the edge of your seat!”
–Michelle Kaye Malsbury on BookPleasures.com“Triangle of Deception gives an enthralling glimpse
into a secret and complex world the rest of us never
–Victoria Kennedy on TCM Reviews“A must-read for fans of complex and chilling crime
–Jacqueline Jung on NightsandWeekends.com
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